Thank you for your interest in TextureMax.com.

The goal of TextureMax is to provide individuals and companies with an organized library of textures and photo reference materials for their computer graphics, animation, video game development, web design, or any type of graphic design or art.

Most images have a "max" version which is the largest version, available via paid membership subscription or in the texture packs.  All of the thumbnails and preview images have been compressed and therefor have some loss in quality, but the downloadable versions are very high quality jpg, and are the highest quality available.

The download page for each texture set contains a thumbnail preview of the full image in its original aspect ratio (so no cropping has occurred and you see the entire image, but at a reduced size).  If you hover your mouse over the thumbnail preview, you will see a cropped section of the original image (full 100% zoom). There is also buttons on each texture thumbnail which allow you to enlarge the preview image or view a seamlessly tiled preview (for all of the tileable textures).

If you are experiencing any difficulties, or if you have any comments or suggestions, you may fill out the request form.