Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of the textures and images from royalty free for personal and commercial use?

Yes, whether you have purchased a membership, a texture pack, or downloaded a free version, every image is free to use within the allowed and disallowed uses of the licensing terms and conditions.

Are the textures in the texture packs the same as the textures downloaded from the website memberships?

All of the textures in the texture packs are available via download through the site with a membership.

May these textures be used for a video game, 3d model scene or animation, website, magazine, newspaper, book, DVD cover, flyer, brochure, or other type of advertisement?

Yes, as long as the texture is not packaged as is and re-distributed (in a website template theme or digital scrapbook for example). Re-distributing the images with a 3d model or video game map where the files are not stored in protected formats is allowed as long as you modify the texture (such as in a UV texture atlas).

May I use the textures for an open source project?

Most open source licenses allow for re-distribution which is not allowed under the license.

I haven't downloaded anything today, but the site says I have. Why?

The download quota for each download is independent from one another, and is initiated at the time you download the file. If you have downloaded files less than 24 hours ago (even if it was yesterday), it will still be counted towards your quota until 24 hours have passed for each separate file you download.

Are the thumbnails on the website the same compression quality as the downloads?

No, the thumbnails are highly compressed and are therefor lower quality than the downloaded texture images.

Are the normal, specular, roughness, displacement maps lossless or compressed?

All of the normal, specular, roughness, and displacement maps are lossless png files so they do not have jpeg artifacts.

May I submit my own images to be put up on

Outside submissions are not being accepted at this time.