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The membership download pages

The thumbnails on each download page show the entire un-cropped texture images scaled down to fit inside the box. Hovering your mouse over a thumbnail will show you a 100% fully zoomed in section of the image. Use the "Enlarge" icon at the top of each thumbnail, or simply click the thumbnail itself to view a larger version, or the "Tiled" icon to view a tiled version (if one exists).

Below each thumbnail you will see the different sizes of the image; simply click the resolution you wish to download. Version that appear with white text are there to show you that a larger version exists. You will require a paid membership to download the large versions (if one exists) of each texture.

Texture Packs

Texture packs are hand picked collections of textures from a single category, or similar categories. This is a very quick and easy way of obtaining a large collection of textures from a particular category. New packs are added once there are enough images to create an additional texture pack for that category.

The texture packs contain a partial selection of texture images from sets with multiple versions of a texture. For example: "Brick Patios 0001" has many textures of similar bricks, but the texture pack may only contain one or two of the images in the "Brick Patios 0001" set (depending on the contents of the set). This is useful for those who don't need multiple textures of the same or similar objects in the same set. Note that ALL seamless tileable textures are included in the texture packs, even if there are multiple tileable textures in a particular set.

All of the images in the Texture Packs are also found by navigating the website, so the daily download quota memberships have access to every texture at